Our Services

Waggin' Wheels Coast to Coast offers ground pet transport for multiple babies along a route, private transport, as well as in-cabin flight services.  Our private level service makes your baby/babies the star.  There will be no other passengers on this trip, except for LouLou and Mimi, of course. Our Private pet transport service will allow for quicker feedings, waterings, pet breaks, etc to keep us on the road.  We will pick up from and deliver to any safe location that you choose, be it your home, office, meeting you in a safe parking lot, airports, military bases, and hotels. 

Waggin' Wings In-Cabin Flight

Waggin' Wheels Coast to Coast is proud to offer domestic U.S. In-Cabin Flight Escort service for your baby.  Waggin' Wings In-Cabin Flight Escorts are NOT airline employees using their airline employee free flight benefit.  We are the real deal! USDA registered, insured, and not breaking United States Government regulations or our Employers Conflict of Interest policy. NO STANDBY flights, we will book a confirmed seat so you will know exactly when we board and exactly when we touch down!  We will handle everything from planning and booking to ensuring that your baby gets to you in the same safe, attentitive, and comfortable manner that many have enjoyed with our ground transport service.  Babies can weigh no more than 20 pounds, including their carrier and must be able to fit under the seat directly in front of the In-Cabin Flight Escort.  Our homebase airport is Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport, in Louisville, KY.  Service may also be available from Tampa, FL, Los Angeles, CA area airports, Cincinnati, OH, and St. Louis, MO.  When we are near these areas we are also able to provide a ground pick up and transport to the airport, before the flight, for an additional fee, if needed!

Why You Should Choose Waggin' Wheels Coast to Coast

*USDA registered
*This is our profession, Waggin' Wheels Coast to Coast is not a weekend warrior outfit!
*Pressure washed and sanitized crates between each use
*Babies above 16 weeks exercised every 4-6 hours outside of the transport vehicle. This is at the driver's discretion.  Your baby will not be brought out into an environment that is unsafe or scary for them.  Extreme temperatures, evironments that are habitats for dangerous/poisonous snakes, reptiles, and insects, as well as overly crowded areas will be avoided.
*Babies under 16 weeks handled and petted at same interval to help avoid "travel depression"
*Free GPS app tracking, group chats and broadcasts
*Free Photo updates
*Free 24 hour while on transport communication
*No extra charge to keep transport running on overnight rest times for heat and ac when needed.
*No hotel stays while on transport, always watching over your baby
*Clean and sanitized food and water bowls
*ALL babies fed AT LEAST twice daily, regardless of age
*Water AND bedding checked on every fuel stop refilled/replaced at this time if needed.
*Soiled bedding replaced as quickly as possible
*Wellness checks performed at every fuel stop
*Private, direct, or second driver transport rates available for extra cost.
*Experience with special needs dogs
*Experience with "litter" transports
*Experience with many breeds
*Experience with all sizes
*Experience with coast to coast transports, airport pick ups and drop offs
*Experience with all temperaments
*Highly recommended
*Able to accommodate special requests that do not require vet assistance. *Lifelong dog owner and lover




Waggin' Wheels Coast to Coast, LLC

Louisville, KY

(502) 632-4021

USDA registration # 61-T-0026