Requirements for Your Baby's Transport

What is required for your baby's transport?

*First and foremost, your baby MUST be 8 weeks old and have received their first shots (Distemper and Parvovirus) at the time the transport begins.  Preferable age is between 10-12 weeks or older after receiving their second to third round of shots (DHPP, distemper, and parvovirus).

*The next important and required item is a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection, most commonly referred to as a Health Certificate.  This MUST be sighed AND issued by a state licensed veterinarian.  The vet will verify that the baby has received it's shots for it's age, check to make sure that the baby is not suffering from any contagious skin conditions or other health conditions that could be passed on to other passengers, and to make sure that the baby is in a healthy enough condition to handle a road trip.  The health certificate can not be older than 10 days old by the time the baby reaches it's destination.  This is a USDA requirement.  It is the responsibility of the sender and the receiver to ensure that this has been obtained.

*Next is food for the trip, with well and clearly written instruction. Please also include a clearly written statement that your baby has been offered food and water no more than four (4) hours before boarding the transport vehicle, noting the time of the offering. Traveling away from it's mamma for the first time or traveling away from familiar surroundings can be very stressful for babies.  Providing food that he/she normally eats on a daily basis will be something familiar to your baby, to help lower stress.  You are welcome to send personal items with your baby for it's journey.  Space can be very limited on a transport, so please do your best to limit these items.  Blankets, pillows, towels, etc for the crate are acceptable, however please be aware that even with the most travel seasoned of pets, these items can be quite messy by the time we reach the destination.  There are always food and water spills, and the occassional oopsie.

* Finally, any topical or oral medications or treatments required for your baby with specific and clearly written instructions.  We are not veterinarians and can not provide any service more the mentioned items.

*We will handle the rest!

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