Terms and Conditions


Shared Transport pick up dates will be scheduled on a "week of" schedule. In most cases booking is required one (1) week in advance.   This means that the pick up date can be any date during the week scheduled. We offer a private transport option for those clients that require a specific pick up date.  Our private transport rate is $1.25/mile, pick up to destination. Private transport requires booking two (2) weeks in advance, unless otherwise agreed upon.


USDA regulations prohibit transporters from accepting any form of payment upon delivery, unless a written agreement has been signed by the "sender" guaranteeing payment of return shipping, boarding, care, etc for the rider, should delivery be unable to be made at the destination.  


Shared Transport bookings require a deposit of 50% at booking to reserve a spot with the remaining balance due no later than three (3) business days prior to pick up date


Private Transport pick up dates will be scheduled.


Private Transport bookings must be paid in full at time of booking.


In Cabin Flight Escort

All fees associated with In Cabin Flight Escort service, including but not limited to airfare, airline pet fee, In Cabin Escort planning and service fee, etc) are due at booking.


Rider(s) Must be 8 weeks of age at time of pick up


Payment of the deposit shall serve as a binding contract and acceptance of the Terms and Conditions by the customer and Waggin' Wheels Coast to Coast, LLC. 


 No spot upon the transport route shall be reserved until a deposit of no less than 50% of total fee for shared, multi kennel transport is paid.


No spot upon transport route shall be reserved until a deposit of no less than 100% for private or In Cabin Flight Escort transport is paid.


 There are no payment processing fees when paying with Google Pay. Google Pay is quick and easy to both set up and use to pay! You will find payment info on the invoice itself for Google Pay.


 PayPal, Venmo, and credit/debit transactions will incur a 3.5% processing fee.  Credit/debit transactions must be completed 72 business hours before scheduled pick up.  Therefore, NO credit/debit card payments for remaining balance will be accepted within 72 business hours of pick up date.


  The processing fee is automatically added to every invoice.  When you pay with Google Pay  you only need to pay the amount of the invoice minus the processing fee.  When payment in full through Google Pay is received, we then remove the processing fee from the bill.


All riders must be accompanied by a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (Health Certificate) issued AND signed by a state licensed veterinarian dated no earlier than 10 days from the delivery date.  It is the responsibility of the party named on this invoice to make the sender aware of this requirement.  


In the event that the driver arrives to pick up the rider(s) and the required Health Certificate is not in order,  the rider(s) may be denied boarding onto the transport conveyance and any fees paid will be forfeited.


 Please also make sure that there is food provided for the transport.  Food should be in clearly labeled, zip top bags with a zipper closure and not the "squeeze to shut" bags, these tend to come open or not get closed securely sometimes.  


Please offer your passenger food and water within 4 hours prior to transport.  


Please keep personal items to a minimum as additional storage is minimal on the transport.  A bed/blanket for the kennel and 

    some toys for the kennel are fine, keep in mind that bedding for those 

that are not potty trained can be messy by the time of arrival.  We do 

use puppy pads in the kennel and make every attempt to keep your baby as clean as possible, but can not take the chance of taking them into a self service dog wash or groomer and have the possibility of the presence of sickness in these establishments.


We also suggest something that smells like home to help make your baby feel more comfortable.


 ONLY kennels with the exact same origin and exact same destination are eligible for a 50% discount off of the first full rate crate.


 ONLY riders from the same litter and/or household, that have no history of aggression toward each other will be allowed as "kennel mates".  This is subject to availability of an accommodating crate.


 In the event that the management of Waggin' Wheels Coast to Coast, LLC agrees to any remaining balance to be paid upon delivery, there will be no exchange in possession of riders and/or any documentation, supplies, etc intended for the receiver, it's parties, or entities until such time that the remaining balance has been satisfied.


 Riders that are less than 16 weeks old MUST remain crated during the entire duration of the transport, due to veterinary recommendations for health and safety.


 Riders over 16 weeks will be walked every 4-6 hours on all trips with a duration longer than 6 hours. (Weather and environmental conditions permitting}


 Estimated transport times are exactly as the name implies, they are estimates. ETAs do NOT include weather/traffic delays, fuel stops, meal/rest breaks, pet breaks, and any other situation that is considered out of the driver's control, and/or influence. 


 Our main goal is to transport your baby to it's destination safely and comfortably, while being as attentive as possible to all babies on board throughout the entire route. Therefore, your baby's driver will on most days put in a 12-14 hour day along the route.  The maximum drive time for a driver will be 11 hours, with an 8-10 hour rest break at the end of the day.  These times may change occasionally due to road conditions. These time expectations may be altered according to the number of riders onboard the transport conveyance. Your driver also reserves the right to pull off the interstate at any sign of fatigue, regardless the time of day or number of hours driven.


 Transport drivers will provide an invitation to join Life 360, a GPS tracking app, to all parties requesting. Every attempt will be made to provide photos and updates along the trip to those requesting.


 Transport drivers will respond to texts/phone calls when it is ONLY absolutely safe to do so.


Cancellation of services can create havoc and confusion when planning a route or run.  Attempting to rebook cancelled bookings can prove very difficult. Therefore, deposit refund for cancellations will be issued along the following timeline.



(prior to scheduled pick up date)


 Fourteen (14) days = 100%


Refund of deposit less than 14 days is possible when cancellations have been rebooked.




Thank You for your business!



Waggin' Wheels Coast to Coast, LLC

Louisville, KY

(502) 632-4021

USDA registration # 61-T-0026